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Pulpe de Rose

Melvita loves to draw inspiration from nature – and particularly from its emblem, the bee. With a few beats of their wings, bees seek out the life hidden within flowers and help them to transform into mouth-watering fruits. They inspired Melvita to combine the flowers and fruits of the same rose in a fresh and delicious blend for the skin. The result is a range that infuses skin with energy. Toned, plumped and smoothed, it regains its radiance, thanks to the invigorating effect of a rose pulp bursting with vitamins.

PULPE DE ROSE – A blend of flowers and fruits

PULPE DE ROSE – A blend of flowers and fruits

The wild rose (Rosa canina) grows at high altitudes and takes up large amounts of mineral elements in order to cope with the harsh climate. Its resilient constitution gives it benefits for the skin: rose floral water and wild rose extract quench skin's thirst, rose hip oil firms the skin, and the fruit of the wild rose (the rose hip), packed with antioxidants (flavonoids, phenols and tannins), plumps and smoothes.

A vitamin-rich cocktail for your skin

A vitamin-rich cocktail for your skin

Melvita developed its Pulpe de Rose formulas around its iconic ingredient: the wild rose. By combining its flowers and fruits, it has created an energizing, replenishing blend for the skin. Each of the Pulpe de Rose products contains:

Rose hip extract: rose hip pulp contains 30% energizing sugar and 4% antioxidants (flavonoids, phenols and tannins). This means a real energy boost for the skin. Better protected, it is more resistant to the effects of free radicals. Skin microcirculation is stimulated and skin regenerates faster.

Rose hip oil: rich in Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid), rose hip oil is known for its excellent affinity with the skin. Its repairing properties help to nourish and regenerate even the most delicate, devitalized skin. It improves elasticity and helps to prevent the signs of ageing.

Rose floral water: traditionally known for its firming and invigorating benefits, it is excellent for skin that lacks tone. Damask rose floral water helps to fight dehydration, and refreshes and softens the skin.

Wild rose extract: stimulates the expression of the skin's "water channels" (aquaporins), which ensure that moisture is perfectly circulated within cells.

Sustainable picking charter

Sustainable picking charter

Melvita has created a sustainable picking charter for its suppliers of wild plants. Pickers must adhere to ten control criteria, to ensure that any picking does not affect nature's capacity to regenerate itself. The pickers of Melvita's wild roses and rose hips have signed this charter.

1. The rose hips are picked by hand in the Auvergne region of France.

2. They are placed in a mixture of demineralized water and organic plant-based glycerine, then steeped at a low temperature (70°C) for 4 hours.

3. The infusion is then left to stand at 4°C before being filtered. The extract, incredibly rich in antioxidants, is then ready to be used in the Pulpe de Rose products.