Nectar Suprême



Melvita combined this rare nectar with all of its precious ingredients from the beehive: the patented complex of three organic honeys, nourishing royal jelly (the secret to the queen bee’s longevity) and beeswax, with unique moisturizing properties. For Melvita, these ingredients are synonymous not only with the beehive, but also with life itself, as they encapsulate the age-old cycle of the hive. The bees feast on Kniphofia nectar, then produce honey, wax and royal jelly.

This exclusive blend of ingredients lies at the heart of a new range that reflects the very quintessence of Melvita’s expertise: Nectar Suprême. Ideal for skin that has become tired with time, it replenishes and provides essential balance, like a divine gift from nature, to visibly smooth, illuminate, hydrate and densify mature skin.