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Our plant oils

Pure and 100% natural, our plant oils symbolize the very essence of natural beauty that comes from the heart of nature. 


Our plant oils are obtained from first cold pressed or macerated seeds, flowers, kernels or roots, all of which are very carefully selected. They represent a simple and essential vision of beauty that comes from the heart of nature.

They have an excellent affinity with the skin. The lipids they contain help to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, thus slowing down the evaporation of moisture and restoring suppleness to the skin. 

Plant oils work to nourish and protect the skin. Because they contain essential fatty acids (omega-3 and 6), they maintain an optimal level of hydration and help to reduce moisture loss. Omega-9 fatty acids, meanwhile, both nourish and protect, and rapidly relieve skin dryness. 

Plant oils help to improve skin elasticity. They contain Vitamin E, with antioxidant properties, to help prevent the visible signs of aging. 

Our plant oils are held in glass bottles, in boxes, to protect them from the light. They contain no added colorants or fragrance. 

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